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Credentials, badges and competency

posted Feb 09, 2015 02:15:32 by
Last week an article from Swinburne online raised a few great questions for me - Is the real disruption to the higher education system as we know it - competency based education? and What does it mean for Australia?

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bdean1000 said Feb 13, 2015 23:25:56
This is a great question. As I see it, democratized knowledge, knowledge networks and informal learning communities make up one of the central and most likely set of disruptive innovations. CBE, badges, blended and online learning, MOOCs, and the like all stem from these larger developments.
KateColeman said Apr 08, 2015 23:59:52
A new blog post from friend and colleague Serge Ravet over the weekend revealed some underpinning issues he has noticed in relation to trust when we talk bout badges and credentials. In this post he traverses trust and security as well as describing how the newly awarded DML funded project Open Passport will tackle some this. Thoughts?
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KateColeman said Apr 09, 2015 00:03:07
Another thing to consider raised by Serge recently: With Over 2 Millions Types of #OpenBadges ! Don’t you think that’s wonderful?
KateColeman said Apr 27, 2015 00:00:44
A huge week for us in one digital badges this week as IMS Global announced its new badge economy in K-20 and corporate education. This is the announcement
What do you think? A game changer?
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