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What are some effective ways to engage others (namely students and industry/employers) in specifying Course Learning Outcomes?

posted Feb 05, 2015 08:22:13 by BeverleyOliver
Or should they be involved at all?
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Deakin University
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DavidGibson said Feb 09, 2015 04:56:43
My vision is that as a student is working on valued artifacts/processes/responses that they care about (not because it's an assignment, but because they have selected to work on it to advance themselves) and as they think about the possible connections to Course Learning Outcomes, then they make a decision and link the artifact/process/response to what they believe to be the single best alignment (or maybe give a #1 and #2 but no more...) and this practice eventually, through crowd-sourcing, becomes the most recommended links for that kind of artifact/process/response.

Maybe give employers the same kind of opportunity when describing what they look for in people they'd like to add to their staff...what are the top responses from employer #1's HR department workers on this question?
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